Table Tilting



Table Tilting, Table Tipping or Tiptology occurs when Spirit make my table move. This is a form of physical mediumship


This is NOT Ouija.


The table can be moved side to side, spin, slide along the floor and many other movements. Once the energy levels are right, your loved ones in spirit may come through and talk to you via the use of the table. You ask a question and the table will be moved backwards or forwards (tilting) by your loved one in spirit to answer yes or no to a question. Remember you are responsible for your own decisions and as such Spirit will therefore not tell you what to do but rather offer guidance and direction.


Table tilting events begin with a mandatory briefing explaining table tilting, the do's and don'ts and safety briefing. If you are late and miss the briefing you will not be able to take part in the event.


Table tilting may be held in venues where alcohol can be served. However, alcohol will not be permitted until AFTER the event. Anyone under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted to take part in the event no matter what the venue is.


Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes which will not trip you up as you may be running around. If you have mobility issues please do not worry, sit in your seat and the table (your loved one) will come to you.


Please do not be scared!! It annoys me intensly when people put the fear factor into mediumship. This, as with all of my communication is in a loving and caring atmosphere. So, when things start to move don't scream get excited!!!!!!

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